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Scotland Road Trip with Hamish VW 2017 – Byiers Family

If this doesn’t inspire you to have a classic VW Campervan experience! … Quality time with family, lots of fun, laughs and memories to last forever … I don’t know what will!


We are absolutely delighted that Mike & Jen have allowed us to share their fabulous photo blog book which they made following their fantastic road trip in Hamish VW in 2017!

They subsequently won the “Best Customer Camper Photo” Competition in 2017, (which we host every year at the end of every camper season on our Facebook page where we ask people to vote for their favourite photo). They presented their Hamish VW blog book when they came for a second time in May 2018 to have their family holiday in no other camper but their favourite Hamish VW!

Here is their Hamish VW road trip adventure story and their amazing family photographs … /

Day 1 – Finzean to Aviemore (69 miles)

We picked up the lovely Hamish after a little struggle in finding the place (Never trust Mike with directions!) But, we found him, packed him up and set off on our Scottish tour! The sun was shining and the drive over to Aviemore couldn’t have been any more perfect!

After a very cold first night in Hamish and a short stop in Inverness to pick up bedding (Don’t trust Jen to pack! How could  I forget that all important 2nd duvet!) We arrive at the campsite a little later than planned but WOW it was an absolutely beautiful location, just a stones throw from Loch Ness.

Day 2 – Aviemore to Foyers, Loch Ness (47 miles)

Day 3 – Foyers to Glen Nevis, Fort William (80 miles)

Feeling on top of the world!! What started as taking a picture beside the Glenfinnan Viaduct ended up being a very long and unexpected hike over the mountain and down the other side trying to find the station cafe! … which we did … but it was closed! However this lovely man opened the museum for us and gave directions on another route back to the van, which happened to pass the very posh Glenfinnan House Hotel, so we treated ourselves. Even though our luck ran out after lunch on the weather front and we got soaked running back to the van, then it continued to rain until the next morning! Our smiles never left our faces though … we had a brilliant day, with the best of company!

Day 4 – Fort William to Isle of Mull (87 miles)

A very spontaneous day .. Due to a major lorry crash on the Onich Road, it meant the ONLY road down south was closed .. so we had two options; drive back up North on the A9(!?) or go West! so .. West it was! What was meant to be a day of boring busy roads turned out to be the most exiting, fun filled day yet! Two ferries, a beautiful scenic drive, and a visit to Tobermory, finished off with pitching up on one of the most loveliest campsites we’ve ever stayed on, PERFECTION! 

We set off on our journey to the mainland on a very wet, miserable day on our way to Shell Beach in Tarbert. What a struggle we had finding this little gem. We parked up then clambered through hilly marshes, slippy rocks and disguised puddles .. lots of muddy shoes (and wet feet!!). Cameron particularly got wet legs. Bonnie slipped on her bum! All this in torrential rain was making our adventure a bit doom and gloom .. but we were determined and our hard work paid off .. we made it! And as if by some kind of miracle the sun came out.  Two words can best describe this place .. Absolutely Spectacular! We continued our day with a stroll around the lovely town of Tarbert, then travelled down the most scenic coastal road to reach our next campsite at Muesdale. A little further than we thought, but the sun was shining and good tunes were on and as it was out of season, we had the whole field (as that’s all it was!) to ourselves. Bliss!

Day 5 – Craignure, Isle of Mull to Muasdale, Kintyre (83 miles)

Woke up to a beautiful, calm morning looking out onto the sea over to Isle of Islay and Jura. Spectacular! We spotted our first ever otter as we were eating our breakfast. Then we went on our forth and final ferry which took us forward Tarbert to Portavadie! A wild guess on which direction to go between two roads (we took the wrong one … I blame Mike again!) but as it happens it turned out to be the most scenic route with stunning viewpoints. Finally we reached Pucks Glen, a beautiful woodland walk just outside Dunoon that looked like it had just come out of a “Lord of the Rings” film set; with several waterfalls, trees growing out of huge boulders on the edge of big drops and very muddy paths that gave Mam a laugh as Cameron and Bonnie got stuck and lost their wellies! Just as well Robyn stayed firmly in her carrier, otherwise she would have been in the mud head first when Mike had to bend over to retrieve the said wellies! Made it to a very busy campsite at Loch Lomond in time for dinner! 

Day 6 – Craignure to Cashel Campsite, Loch Lomond (120 miles)

Home Time Back to Finzean – Hamish’ home (131 miles)

Total Miles (from pick up to drop off) – (617 miles)

On the road of life, 

It’s not where you go that matters,

It’s who you’re with,

Until next time!!


Mike, Jen and Family Byiers – 2017